IPR applies for chartered status
The IPR’s petition for a Royal Charter was formally received by the Privy Council on July 27, 2004. The charter is seen as a way to help gain greater recognition for PR professionals and the IPR. It is a symbol that the IPR has have improved as a body, are committed to education and the economy, and that they carry out good work

Diploma launched in Belfast
In October, Chloe Kane Associates launched the first IPR Diploma course in Belfast. The intensive course has received a warm welcome from practitioners and the local PR community. 16 students have so far joined the course, many of them put off from studying for the diploma before because of the travel required. John Laird PR consultancy in Belfast have sponsored the books and library for the diploma students.

Revision retreat in the French Alps
IPR diploma students struggling with PR theory or in need of a quiet study environment can join a diploma revision retreat held at a ski chalet in the French Alps. The residential retreats, run for 3 days or a week, are led by an experienced IPR diploma tutor and examiner. The retreats will help develop your understanding of key syllabus areas and improve your exam techniques.