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Critically examine the debates about where the PR function should ideally be located within an organisation’s management structure, and consider how the function’s position may affect its ability to contribute to the organisation’s success.
IPR Diploma re-sit exam, 14th September 2002

Test yourself
Try these questions on key parts of the syllabus so far. If you get any wrong, it’s time to dust down those files and start re-reading your lecture notes.

1. A public is…
a) Like the general public but on a smaller scale.
b) The same as a stakeholder.
c) A group that forms in response to a particular issue.


2. Put Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in ascending order:
a) safety
b) self-actualisation
c) love
d) physiological
e) esteem


3. Peter works for a medium-sized technology firm and is a journalist by training. He prides himself on his ability to squeeze news coverage from anything. Managers in the business always come to him when they want help with the wording of a presentation or telling the trade press about a new initiative underway in their department.

Which of the four practitioner roles would best describe Peter’s job?